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What they said — from first two spring practices

March 28, 2015

PetrinoPaul Petrino — Head Coach

  • On Jace Malek visiting the team on the first day of spring football

“It was nice — kind of puts everything in perspective … it was just great to have him here. Just everybody out there, say as many prayers as you can for him.”

“I think a bunch of people (talked to him) throughout the day. He was up in the hallway before our meetings and a whole bunch of people talked to him and said hi to him.”

  • On wide receiver Jermaine Johnson

“Jermaine had a couple good plays and then did a couple goofball things. We’re going to keep pushing it and keep trying to get him to get there, because he shows signs of it … He can run and he’s good against press, we just got to keep improving.”

  • On how the second day of practice went overall

“I really liked the intensity, the way guys were flying around. I like seeing both sides getting after each other … just guys flying around playing football.”

  • On how the defensive backs look through the two days of practice

“It’s going to be really key … there’s just a lot more speed and a lot more competition and hopefully that makes the crème rise to the top and we get the best guys out there.”

UngererDavid Ungerer — Sophomore Wide Receiver

  • On Jake Luton’s arm strength

“Jake’s got a strong arm. It’s funny, we did a one-day camp with each other going into our senior years of high school — and that’s where I got offered — and he threw to me all day long and my hands were beat, it was terrible. He had this old football and every time he throws the ball it’s coming in hot, but the beautiful thing is that we got a guy like that, that’s kinda got an NFL arm so everybody is trying to get reps with him so they can get better with their hands.”

LinehanMatt Linehan — Sophomore Quarterback

  • On his relationship with Jake Luton

“We’re really good friends. We’ve got a good relationship off the field and when we’re working on it, it doesn’t really affect our relationship. He’s going to make me better and I’m going to make him better.”

“I think that relationship is important because you’re not competing, you know it’s not a personal battle when you’re competing against somebody. It’s just you’re competing for a spot and that’s different.”

“The kid has got a cannon. That kids arm is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Being around football as long as I’ve been around it, kids’ like that don’t come around a lot. He’s got a lot of talent and there’s a bright future for him.”


  • On trying to put on more weight during the offseason

“The big emphasis was to add weight … I added about 12-13 pounds and I’m 210 pounds now, compared to I was probably playing at 195 last year.”

“I think that just helps me with being able to take the extra hits. Also, just building the muscle. I feel faster, I feel stronger and feel like I can make more throws than I did last year.”

  • On becoming more mobile

“That’s new to the repertoire there. I was more of running to not get hit last year … lots of great quarterbacks, you look in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers is good as it gets when he’s using his legs and I think if you can add that facet to your game, you become harder for defenses to add you.”

  • On spending time with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo during the offseason

“The guy, when I was down there in the offseason, he spent time with me — he really didn’t need to, but he wanted to help. He’s a great person, he’s got a great knowledge of the game. Not only has he helped me, but he’s definitely helped my dad out in his career and he’d be the first one to tell you that.”

QuintonQuinton Bradley — Senior Defensive Lineman

  • On how he feels for the start of spring football

“Everything is a new start. We got a new defense, new coaches, new plays — I mean everybody is learning. It’s going to take some time because I’m head up now, I aint outside no more so I just got to work on it and get better.”

  • On the first day of spring football

“It felt long, and bodies start to break down. If you’ve been here for five years the wait starts to add up I got through it, though — we all did.”

  • On changing positions with the new defensive scheme

“Usually I’m at the five technique outside the tackle, but now I’m head up. I gotta learn how to still use my speed and get outside while also playing the B gap. It’s an adjustment, but I got stronger for it.”

“We got a different defense now. We’re a 3-4 now, 4-3 was last year.”

  • On how he has grown throughout the years

“I’m just trying to take coaching now. I used to be, I guess you could say, a knucklehead. I didn’t want to listen. Now, I understand what they trying to get me to do. They want me to succeed so it’s best for me to listen and do it.”

  • On how he’s feeling after the offseason

“I’m an ox, I’m ready now. I had a whole offseason, I’ve been doing shoulder workouts, so I’m good now.”


Charley Molnar — Wide Receivers Coach

  • On the new group of wide receivers this year

“It’s almost like a brand new group of guys. We had different guys in different places then in the fall, but really it’s a good thing because we’re really trying to get guys in the right place for them where they’re the best fit for our offense.”

“It was exciting today to see these guys. We have a long, long way to go, but thankfully it’s about 150 days or so until the first game … This group is a little bit smaller, but a little bit quicker also.”

  • On replacing Josh McCain and Richard Montgomery

“How big those holes are remains to be seen. I think we’ve got some pretty good guys coming up the ladder and some of those guys I think will step up intho those shoes.”

  • On first impressions of Dezmon Epps

“I never got a chance to see Dez Epps before, and I thought he had a strong practice … Believe me, he’s got a long way to go, too.”

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