Soccer: More Than Just a Match August 17, 2017

The rapidly approaching fall season brings a number of things back to campus — students, classes, the changing season and athletic events in the Kibbie Dome. But this fall, the opening excitement in the Dome won’t revolve around football. For the first time ever, the team taking the field will be the Idaho soccer team. […]

Column: Not Just for Football Players August 1, 2017

Men and women are different. Aside from learned gender roles, there are chemical and neurological differences that separate the two genders. This fact is noticeable, but especially when it comes to concussions, which women are more susceptible. Sports physician Shannon Bauman evaluated male and female athletes at her specialty concussion clinic in Ontario between September […]

Soccer: Season Preview August 1, 2017

Aug. 13 — Mount Royal (Kibbie Dome) Idaho women’s soccer kicks off the 2017 with an opening game against Mount Royal. The Cougars finished the 2016 season 4-6-4, finishing 5th in the Prairie division of Canada West Conference. Aug. 18 — UC Santa Barbara (Harder Stadium) The Vandals begin their two-game road trip against the […]

Intramural: A Friendly Competition July 19, 2017

Sand between the toes, sun on the face, and music playing in the background only begin to describe the atmosphere at last year’s intramural sand volleyball tournament, said UI junior Camille Hanson.     The sand volleyball tournament this year is right after the first week of classes, said Butch Fealy, Associate Director of Competitive […]

Column: One More Chance June 25, 2017

Maria Sharapova is a liar. This is a fact. For years, she took performance enhancing drugs, claimed it was for a medical need, took it after it was banned and covered the drug use from her doctors. Sharapova is a cheater and a liar. Sharapova was taking meldonium, a drug made in Latvia and distributed […]

Column: Leaveland June 25, 2017

Lebron James might leave. Again. Ever since the conclusion of the NBA Finals, rumors have circulated that once James hits the free agency market in 2018, he will look west. James, the undisputed king of modern basketball, already broke the hearts of Clevelanders before. In 2010, James announced on national television that he would be […]