Staff Predictions 11/14/17: Idaho vs Coastal Carolina

Savannah Cardon, Coastal Carolina- 28, Idaho- 7

Lack of fan support will lead to lack of scoring on the field, since fans will more likely be enjoying the holiday than a Vandal football game.

Hailey Stewart, Coastal Carolina-40, Idaho- 36

It will be a close game, but Idaho will come up just short this last home game and lose to Coastal Carolina by a mere four points.

Meredith Spelbring, Idaho- 21, Coastal Carolina- 17

Neither team will have much in the way of offensive fire power this week, but Idaho’s defense will hold Coastal Carolina just enough for the home team to get the win on senior day.

Grayson Hughbanks, Idaho- 35, Coastal Carolina- 7

With recent close losses and a close win, Idaho will be motivated to pull out a win in the final home game of the season.

Colton Clark Idaho- 27, Coastal Carolina- 13

Coastal Carolina is right there with Georgia Southern at the bottom of the Sun Belt barrel. Even though Idaho will be without Matt Linehan, the Vandal defense should provide the spark to roll over a team which was just blown out by Troy.

Zack Ozuna, Idaho- 27, Coastal Carolina- 24

Having a couple weeks without game action is going to have Idaho recovered and ready to compete. Coastal Carolina recently put forth an unimpressive effort against Troy, and I believe that lack of success will remain Saturday. Idaho will receive a strong outing on the ground.

Chris Deremer, Idaho- 23, Coastal Carolina- 16

It’s going to be a hard battle for the Vandals, with every possession mattering. Idaho’s defense will lead them to a victory.

Jonah Baker, Idaho- 24, Coastal Carolina- 14

Idaho will have trouble moving the ball with Linehan’s injury, but the defense should provide enough support to beat a Coastal Carolina team that does not have a win against an FBS opponent.

Marisa Lloyd, Coastal Carolina- 23, Idaho- 21

I think we can manage to keep the score close but I don’t see us being able to execute a win.

Joseph Sandoval, Idaho- 42, Coastal Carolina- 20

Coastal Carolina has given up a lot of points on defense, therefore the Vandal offense will beat the opponents.


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