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Staff Predictions 10-2-2017

October 2, 2017

Mihaela Karst, Idaho- 35, Louisiana-Lafayette- 24

I think the Vandals will pull away with a victory in the homecoming game against the Cajuns. Coming off a great win against South Alabama, the atmosphere in the Dome will be the key on Saturday.

Zack Ozuna, Idaho- 31, Louisiana-Lafayette- 13

Idaho will dominate Louisiana-Lafayette behind a strong, roaring homecoming crowd. Linehan and offense will do their part, but defense will step up with two turnovers.

Grayson Hughbanks, Idaho- 7, Louisiana-Lafayette- 24

Idaho will come into the game with a little too much confidence. Idaho’s defense will fall short and Louisiana -Lafayette will take advantage.

Colton Clark, Idaho- 37, Louisiana-Lafayette- 27

Idaho will keep the momentum rolling against Lafayette, a team which allowed 48 points by Southeast Louisiana.

Chris Deremer, Idaho- 38, Louisiana-Lafayette- 28

This is going to be an offensive shootout between both teams. The Vandals have momentum on their side after a crazy thriller in Alabama. Vandals get a win on homecoming Saturday.

Jonah Baker, Idaho- 31, Louisiana-Lafayette- 24

The Vandals get a big homecoming and conference victory by stopping the Cajuns’ offense just enough. Duckworth and Saunders continue to provide rhythm for the offense and Linehan is able to make some big throws late to ice the game.

Meredith Spelbring, Idaho- 28, Louisiana-Lafayette- 21

Momentum will make it. It will be a close fight but Idaho is coming off a big win and will be in front of a big crowd. The pressure is on and the home team won’t let down alumni vying for a Vandal win.

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