Staff Predictions 10-17-17: Idaho-Missouri

Grayson Hughbanks, Idaho- 35, Missouri- 14

They will use the rough loss to App State at home as fuel to their fire and find a way to win in Missouri.

Meredith Spelbring, Missouri- 34, Idaho- 28

Idaho has repeatedly proven it can fight through some tough games, but cannot seem to seal the deal. The Vandals will hang in there with the SEC opponent but will not be able to close out the game for a win.

Colton Clark, Missouri- 44, Idaho- 24 

Sure, Missouri is at the bottom of the SEC with a lackluster defense and a 1-5 record. But let’s not forget what the SEC is — probably the best conference in college football.

Zack Ozuna, Missouri- 41, Idaho- 28

This week’s road test against Missouri will end similar to the Vandals’ previous matchups. Key plays will keep Idaho competitive, but in the end the Tigers will be too much to handle.

Marisa Lloyd, Missouri- 21, Idaho- 7

I don’t think the Vandal offense will be able to score like they will want to against the Missouri defense.

Chris Deremer, Missouri- 28 

Idaho- 13

It will be hard for the Vandals to come out and defeat an SEC team on the road. Missouri wins.

Jonah Baker, Missouri- 34, 

Idaho- 20

Mizzou comes out motivated after a beat down by Georgia. Complacency in the second half lets the Vandals make it look respectable.

Mihaela Karst, Idaho- 28, 

Missouri- 21

Despite Idaho’s tough loss against Appalachian State, the Vandals should be able to pull off an away victory.



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