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Spear, Petrino give statement on incident with reporters

August 20, 2015

Idaho athletic director Rob Spear and Idaho football coach Paul Petrino held a little over two-minute conference Thursday afternoon to talk about Petrino’s handling of two members of the media at the end of a practice Wednesday.

Sports editor Michael-Shawn Dugar of the Moscow-Pullman Daily News wrote a column about what transpired at the end of practice.

Dugar said the conflict started when Petrino asked Dugar and a Lewiston Tribune reporter if they saw enough deep balls today. Petrino was referring to a story that Dugar wrote in Wednesday’s newspaper about Idaho’s deep passing game.

Dugar said Petrino walked up to him and the Tribune reporter and screamed in Dugar’s face.

“Today the Moscow-Pullman Daily News published an article stating that I had to be “physically restrained” from one of their reporters, and insinuated that I intended to physically harm him,” Petrino said. “This is not an accurate account of what happened after yesterday’s practice. I did not approach the reporter nor did I at any time threaten the reporter physically or verbally.”

Dugar said Petrino was restrained by one of his assistants.

“I never threatened Mr. Dugar and I was never physically restrained from approaching him,” Petrino said.

Spear said he witnessed the event between Petrino and the reporters.

“I spoke with two UI athletic department officials who were in the immediate vicinity of the exchange between coach (Petrino) and the Moscow-Pullman Daily News reporter,” Spear said. “I want to make it very clear that at no point was coach Petrino restrained.”

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  1. What do you expect from the Vandal coaching staff? As a student and Alumni ive seen them brandish firearms, get in fights with their athletes and beat down minors… of course they are learning it from the head coach and then in turn receive a further “education” of learn lack of ethic, integrity, and accountability from the AD… #chuckthespear