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Soccer: 9/5 Broncos 2 – Vandals 0

September 8, 2014

The Vandals are still searching for their first win under coach Derek Pittman as the rival Boise State Broncos defeat them 2-0 on Guy Wicks Field, spoiling the Vandal “blackout” night that set a Guy Wicks Field attendance record with over 600 fans.

After the Vandals have up two quick goals in the first ten minutes, to Brooke Heidemann and Shannon Schuren respectively the Vandal defense, and goal keeper Torell Stewart tightened up defensively and shut the Broncos out for the rest of the night.

Torrell Stewart made a number of athletic saves on the night, including two within minutes of each other.

Gabby Leong also got in on the defensive side of the pitch as she corralled a loose ball that richoched off of Stewart’s glove mere feet away from the net.

The Vandals recorded eight total shots on goal. Elexis Schlossarek and Chloe Bell each recorded two shots on goal. Reagan Quigley, Olivia Baggerly, Kavita Battan and J.P Burgess also recorded shots.

Alyssa Pease came within inches of a shot of her own, and perhaps an empty net goal had BSU keeper Janelle Flores not beaten her to the loose ball, by mere inches.

The Vandals will look to right the ship and get their first win on the season on Sept 12 when they travel to Moraga, California to take on St. Mary’s.

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