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Preparing for Game Day

August 28, 2017

For some, it’s the Vandals. To others, it’s the Cougars. College football is one of the most interesting and beloved sports around. It has an extremely resilient fan base and many people hold unique connections to their favorite teams.

College football is followed as attentively as some professional sports. There are shows specifically dedicated to it, games televised routinely throughout the week and promotional advertisements on many of the popular networks.

Generally, amateur athletics do not attract the following that college football does, but people are watching, paying and supporting more than ever before.

There is often a serious correlation between fan and alumni, and it’s one of the most unique aspects of college football.

Making that connection between football and someone’s alma mater gives people a little something more to cheer about. A fan is no longer supporting just a team, but also an institution of higher learning.

It’s that connection to the school which can drive a fan’s passion in a way that professional athletics cannot. College football and its players are relatable.

People typically don’t realize that players are full-time students too. They have daily classes, homework and other studious responsibilities, with one blaring difference: game day.

A serious argument is often put forth in favor of paying football players a set salary. The idea is that their capabilities and performance is generating revenue and popularity, so they ought to be reimbursed. Yet the idea is far from realistic.

How is the payment system going to work? Who gets paid what? Who determines how much? These are merely a few of the reasons why a pay-to-play system would never work.

Regardless, the popularity of the sport will likely only increase with the start of every fresh season, and this one is no exception.

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