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Opinion: Investigation of Banned Substances

February 28, 2018

The Olympic Winter Games have always been a big event in countries around the world — it is a chance to present the best of the best athletes in hopes of bringing home gold.

Yet some athletes choose to use banned substances when they know they are prohibited. That was the case for a Russian curler who medaled in bronze previously in this year’s games.

Alexander Krushelnytsky competed in mixed-doubles with his wife. He then went on to fail his preliminary doping test before becoming the first athlete from Russia to undergo investigation for using banned substances.

There has been a meteoric rise of athletes using performance-enhancing drugs because they want to do better instead of putting in the hard work. A lot of athletes have started to use new technology and their knowledge in the gray areas of rules to boost their performance as well. Some athletes use these drugs to help mask that their bodies are tired from over-training.

Athletes are being sent home because of they are attempting to hide that they are using such drugs.

Instead of undergoing all the trouble and turmoil of failing the drug tests, athletes should steer clear of drugs in the first place.

Their bodies are trained effectively to do the things that they need to be done. Athletes that go professional are also held to a higher standard because they are considered role-models to younger or not as high-level athletes just yet. Role-models, especially to younger people, play a huge role in their lives. People look up to professional athletes and when athletes choose to use drugs to advance in their career, a lot of times it can instigate that it is an okay thing to do. In reality, it isn’t a good thing to do and everything that these professional athletes are doing are being spotlighted whether good or bad. That is why they need to make good decisions because there are other people watching their actions and following them.

They are held to a higher standard because of their hard work and effort and shouldn’t give in to drugs that could enhance their body or in any way, danger it.

They should be held accountable for what they choose to do because that is a successful way to learn from it and move forward from there. In the long run, athletes need to learn to steer clear from these substances and focus on gold. Even if these athletes get pulled from certain events or they are benched, they will realize the severity of their actions and in the long run, will avoid substances at all cost.

All of these athletes need to have consequences for their actions and need to avoid it all at once because it gives them a bad reputation when they need to be showing the public what good role-models they are for others out there.

Even attending the Olympics is an accomplishment, let alone competing and medaling for your country. The athletes that have the opportunity to attend this need to be very cautious of the decisions they decide to make and focus because there is a lot at stake. When they choose drugs or any type of substance that could affect their bodies abnormally, they are risking everything they have worked so hard for. Athletes are at the Olympics to compete for medals to bring home to their countries. They are there for a once in a lifetime ordeal and need to take every pre-caution because the world is watching their every move.

Hannah Goertz can be reached at arg-sports@uidaho.edu or on twitter @hallehannah

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