Opinion: An Offensive Night

Idaho’s win over Simon Fraser Friday night was a good game in the win column for the Vandals but was not the most entertaining game as stakes were low for the opponents and fouls were high for both teams.

Simon Fraser is a Canadian division II school — Idaho was essentially a practice game for the Clan.

The large volume of fouls on both sides did not make the game anymore appealing. This aspect of the game was really highlighted by the referees who called a foul any time the Vandals looked to be building any big momentum.

At several points throughout the game the crowd got into it, haggling the refs over calls.

Each team combined to commit 46 fouls and both teams totaled three players being fouled out.

For Simon Fraser, those two players are Sophomore Forward Tyrell Lewin and Junior Forward Iziah Sherman-Newsome. The Vandals they saw Senior Guard Chad Sherwood hit the showers early after committing his fair share of fouls for the night.

Idaho started off the first half off with an 18-6 run, but as the first half progressed, Idaho gave up its lead up and Simon Fraser claimed it happily at the end of the half, 33 to 30. Simon Fraser eventually gave up their lead in the second half and Idaho ran away with the advantage even more.

Second half of the game Idaho went on a 10-0 run and would keep this lead till the end of the game. Idaho saw their lead go out to as many as 22.

Despite the high number of fouls, the Vandals found plenty of success on the court. The two items that worked well for the Vandals are shooting form free-throw and from the paint. Idaho shot for 70.6 percent from the line, going 24-for-34.

In the first period Idaho made 80 percent of its free-throws shooting eight-for 10 and junior power forward Nate Sherwood hit 60 percent of the free-throws on 6-7 shooting. Sherwood ended the first half with 13 points from the line and inside the paint.

Senior Forward Brayon Blake made 80 percent of his shots going 8-for 10, leading the team in the second half. Blake recorded a double-double scoring 16 and 10 boards.

The Vandals were able to capitalize on the Simon Fraser fouls that were given up, the main source of scoring for the Vandals, making up 30 percent of the total points scored.

Idaho scored 32 points from the paint, and Nate Sherwood showcased his skills over powering Simon Fraser players, with 17 points total by the last buzzer.

Overall Idaho had a great game they were did well on all side of the game scorning enough points on offense to keep Simon Fraser from catching up and made key defensive stops.

Joseph Sandoval can be reached at arg-sport@uidaho.edu


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