| February 23, 2018

Opinion: A Bitter-Sweet Ending

January 31, 2018

The impending Super Bowl coming up on Sunday usually means the culmination of another tremendous NFL season.

Unfortunately, this has been one of the worst years in NFL history thanks to the amount of notable injuries that occurred throughout the league.

Starting with the two teams in the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Patriots were forced to start their season without their star wide receiver Julian Edelman, who suffered a season-ending ACL injury. We are talking about the Patriots however, so it never seemed that the Patriots were going to be in any trouble, but the Eagles situation is far worse.

The Philadelphia Eagles shocked fans across the nation when it seemed to many that the Eagles were flying high with their MVP candidate quarterback Carson Wentz leading the way. Then week 14 hit and Wentz suffered an injury which ended his season.

Chris Deremer

This leaves the Eagles with their backup quarterback Nick Foles to face off against Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. The way the season has played out with injuries, it makes sense that there is a Super Bowl defined by the biggest injury of the season.

Superstar Odell Beckham Jr., rookie phenomenon Deshaun Watson and the one and only Aaron Rodgers all went out with injuries that lasted throughout the season.

The quality of play in the NFL has been down this year, largely due to the amount of season ending injuries plaguing the league.

Aaron Rodger’s injury stopped a rolling Green Bay team, which opened up the NFC playoff race to other teams, making it exciting for fans everywhere.

Injuries have allowed certain players to have a chance in the spotlight while leaving others with wonders of what their season could have been.

In Minnesota, third-string quarterback Case Keenum emerged from the shadows to lead the Minnesota Vikings to a NFC championship game appearance.

In any sport, injuries are a plague to be dealt with year after year and this year of football has been nothing short of a long and plagued disease.

On Sunday, fans of the sport have a chance of seeing something magical thanks to an unfortunate injury. There is a chance that backup quarterback Nick Foles can lead the Eagles to an upset victory over the Patriots.

Let us all hope that next season we get to see the players we love on the field healthy and ready, because the NFL cannot have another injury-disease ruin another season.

Chris Deremer can be reached at arg-sports@uidaho.edu

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