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Idaho planning to extend men’s basketball coach Don Verlin

June 18, 2013

The University of Idaho will put forth a contract extension agreement between it and men’s basketball coach Don Verlin to the State Board of Education in Twin Falls this week.

The agreement is a three-year extension through July 1, 2016, amending the five-year deal he signed in 2010. Essentially, the contract proposal would simply add a year onto the two years he has remaining from his 2010 contract.

The proposal still requires State Board of Education approval. The SBOE will likely approve the agreement during its meetings on June 19 or June 20.

Verlin’s 2013-14 base compensation would remain $156,832 with a four-percent pay bump in base salary each subsequent year, so $163,105.68 in 2014-15 and $169,629.49 in 2015-16. The contract also includes $60,000 in annual media payments.

Also included are one-year rollover stipulations which would automatically extend his contract one-year with a four-percent pay raise each season that Idaho either wins at least 15 games against Division I competition or makes the NCAA Tournament.

Twice in Verlin’s five years in Moscow the Vandals have failed to meet the 15 win mark against Division I competition, including this last season when Idaho finished a disappointing 12-18.

Following July 1, 2014 should Idaho move its basketball program from the Big Sky Conference to another conference then that would also spur a one-year automatic extension.

The timing of the extension isn’t surprising – Idaho is coming off perhaps its most disappointing season under Verlin but at the same time is still in the midst of its best five-year stretch in nearly two decades. The 15 win stipulation gives the school a chance to retain a successful coach should things go well, while also giving the school a chance to evaluate where the program is at during down years.

Boise State is also approaching the SBOE during the Twin Falls meeting for a contract extension for its basketball coach, Leon Rice.

Also of note is Verlin’s buyout should he leave the program for “convenience” (basically, taking another job). Because the contract is essentially only ever going to be a three-year deal, Verlin’s buyout is only $75,000 if he leaves with over two years left on the contract. It’s $50,000 with under two years remaining and there is no buyout with under a year remaining.

Incentives on the contract include bonuses for: Conference championships, NCAA Tournament berths, top 25 finishes in polls, Conference Coach of the Year awards, an APR score of over 950, victories (15, 17 and 20), making the Sweet Sixteen, gate receipts and guarantee game bonuses.

Verlin has finished as high as third in the WAC during his five years at Idaho but has yet to advance past the quarterfinals of the conference tournament. Idaho has qualified for the CollegeInsider.com Tournament three times under Verlin.

We’ll update as soon as the State Board of Education votes.

The contract agreement, along with the entirety of the State Board of Education agenda, can be seen here.

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  1. Although Coach Verlin can’t seem to break through a conference tourney, it’s really nice to see his commitment (i.e. longevity) with the Vandal men’s basketball program. As an alum, it’s embarrassing to see his salary compared to BSU coach Leon Rice’s and other coaches in the region. But that’s nothing new to ALL the coaches in the Vandal sports program. I guess we alums have only to look in the mirror for change with that issue.