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Idaho alum trying to get behind new coach with t-shirt design

July 31, 2013

When things were going well for former Idaho coach Robb Akey he built an army — Akey’s army.

The phrase was blasted on t-shirts, posters, even a bus belonging to one University of Idaho fraternity house.

Now it’s Paul Petrino’s turn, and one Idaho alum has a new slogan for the new coach: “Petrino’s Posse.”

“With the coaching change, I was just looking for a way for all of us Vandals to get behind this program again. It is the start of a new era. I just thought this was a good way for us to show solidarity and support for our program,” Alan Swanson, class of 1996, said.

Can’t imagine Petrino would mind these as long as it means people are coming to the game.

The design can be found here: Petrino’s Posse t-shirts

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1 comment
  1. Horrible. Whoever is behind these ridiculous slogans and graphic designs needs to cease and desist. Let Coach Petrino be a coach and define his football program through their play and conduct instead of generating a hokey slogan and amateur design that no one likes. (see “Throw the ‘V'”).