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Football bowl ban removed

March 3, 2015

The Idaho Athletic Department announced Monday that the NCAA’s bowl ban and reduction in practice time on the Idaho football team have been removed due to adequate academic progress since coach Paul Petrino took over the program in December 2012.

The team was originally penalized because its Academic Progress Rate (APR) was not meetings the NCAA’s standards during the 2010, 2011 and 2012 seasons.

According to the NCAA’s website, teams had to earn a four-year APR score of 900 or two year average of 930 to be eligible for the 2012-2013 championships. For 2014-2013 championship teams, they had to meet requirements of a 930 four-year average APR or a 940 average over the most recent two years. For 2015-2016 and beyond, the four-year APR score must be 930 or higher.

According to the Idaho Athletic Department, the team’s APR numbers have been in the 950s and they are projected to be in the 960s this year — well above the minimum requirements.

“I’m proud of the academic progress of the football program,” Idaho Athletic Director Rob Spear said. “Paul has shown the commitment, leadership and accountability to make this happen.”

Petrino said the academic support staff at Idaho, led by Sue Steele, Spear and the efforts of his players and assistant coaches helped to improve the academic progress of his team.

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