Column: Not Just for Football Players August 1, 2017

Men and women are different. Aside from learned gender roles, there are chemical and neurological differences that separate the two genders. This fact is noticeable, but especially when it comes to concussions, which women are more susceptible. Sports physician Shannon Bauman evaluated male and female athletes at her specialty concussion clinic in Ontario between September […]

Column: One More Chance June 25, 2017

Maria Sharapova is a liar. This is a fact. For years, she took performance enhancing drugs, claimed it was for a medical need, took it after it was banned and covered the drug use from her doctors. Sharapova is a cheater and a liar. Sharapova was taking meldonium, a drug made in Latvia and distributed […]

Column: Raiderettes Strike Back May 25, 2017

In January 2014, two former NFL cheerleaders filed a class-action wage theft lawsuit against the Oakland Raiders. The suit accused the NFL team of breaking multiple state labor laws, like failing to pay minimum wage, withholding wages for months and refusing the reimburse cheerleaders for their business expenses. September 2014 saw the team hand out […]

Column: The Washington Contradictions May 1, 2017

In early April, the NFL announced the Washington Redskins would be hosting the franchise’s first Thanksgiving Day game this year. When considering the Native American contributions to Thanksgiving and the meaning of redskin, it seems a little strange to have this contradiction. The word redskin has a long and varied history. The Beothuk tribe, located […]

Column: 50-year advantage March 1, 2017

I’ll be honest — I forgot the WNBA existed until the Chicago Sky trade Elena Delle Donne to the Washington Mystics. Delle Donne was the 2015 WNBA MVP and is one of the more known WNBA players outside of the small fanbase the league as accumulated in just over 20 years of operation. It’s pretty […]

Column: Preventative warm-ups March 1, 2017

I’m not a big baseball fan. The idea of spreading 30 minutes of excitement over four hours is just appalling to me — but I’m not a very patient person. I struggle to find reasons to be a baseball fan, knowing that I may end up working for a baseball team one day. As a […]