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Live Idaho signing day thread

Live Idaho signing day thread

(New Idaho kicker Austin Rehkow signs his letter of intent – courtesy of Twitter account @coachRehkow)

Update – 11:45 a.m. – The fax machine calm, Petrino presser at 1:15 p.m.

It looks like the school has stopped officially announcing players, but combined with running back Danny Wilson’s letter of intent and running backs coach Jason Schumaker announcing three more junior college LOIs that the number of new Vandals should be at around 29. This includes the seven junior college players who are already enrolled.

We will meet with coach Paul Petrino at 1:15 p.m. and have a full breakdown of the class later today

Update – 11:00 a.m. – Danny Wilson is in

It’s been an hour-and-a-half since the school has officially announced any new signings, but based on this Twitter post it seems Bothell, Wash. running back Danny Wilson Jr. is officially in the fold. Wilson is the third high school running back in the class, to join two junior college running backs.

Also, Montlake Terrance, Wash. safety Mason Stone recently tweeted out that he won’t be able to sign a Letter of Intent until June due to an NCAA rule.

Update – 9:35 a.m. – Third quarterback is official

With a letter from DeAnza College quarterback Josh McCain the Vandals have officially inked the sixth of its six quarterbacks. Here’s our mini-feature on him from last week.

Also officially in the fold is Trent Cowan, brother of former Idaho punter Bobby Cowan. He’s listed as an ‘athlete’ meaning his position at Idaho will be up in the air. Wide receiver, punter, perhaps even defensive back are on the table for him.

Outside linebacker Will Schmidt of O’Dea high school in Seattle, Wash. makes LOI No. 18 for the Vandals today. O’Dea is a strong base of talent in the Seattle area.

Update 8:46 a.m. – More letters are in

The number of letters in is up to 15 now with the additions of Spokane, Wash. K Austin Rehkow, Elk Grove, Calif. RB Isaiah Saunders and TE/DE Kevin Shelton of Auburn, Wash.

Most of you remember Rehkow as the kid who kicked the 67-yard field goal to set the state record.

Shelton’s older brother, Danny, plays at the University of Washington. The family dealt with tragedy with the death of their older brother in 2011.


Happy signing day everybody. Had the alarm set for 7:00 a.m. and finally made it in to the office to keep up with all of the action.

Here is what we have so far.

The school has officially announced the signing of 12 athletes, the biggest of which is two-star cornerback Armond Hawkins from Rancho Cucamonga high school. He had taken an official visit to Nevada over the weekend but stuck with the Vandals.

Also officially signed if Zach Cable of Renton, Wash., the son of former Idaho coach Tom Cable – who is currently the offensive line coach for the Seattle Seahawks.

Here is our updatd table, organizable by signing/commitment status. We’ve taken off the names of prospects who won’t be signing with Idaho such as Mike Tate, Solomon Means, etc.

(JC) = Junior college player

Player – Position Height, weight From Status
Anthony Neyer – Quarterback (JC) 6-2, 215 LA Pierce College (Calif.) LoI signed
Jerrel Brown – Running back (JC) 6-0, 220 College of San Mateo (Calif.) LoI signed
Delency Parham – Cornerback (JC) 5-11, 180 Santa Barbara City College LoI signed
Marc Millan – Linebacker (JC) 6-1, 215 Santa Ana College (Calif.) LoI signed
Eric Tuipulotu – Linebacker (JC) 5-11, 215 College of San Mateo (Calif.) LoI signed
Kris Olugbode – Running back (JC) 5-9, 200 City College of San Francisco LoI signed
Juan Martinez – Linebacker (JC) 6-3, 235 City College of San Francisco LoI signed
Tueni Lupeamanu – Fullback 6-1, 235 Herriman, Utah LoI signed
Brett Thompson – Offensive tackle 6-5, 315 Rupert, Idaho LoI signed
Nick Edenfield – Offensive guard 6-4, 275 Nampa LoI signed
Patrick Johnson – Offensive guard 6-4, 285 Phoenix Verbal
Jawon Johnson – Safety 6-3, 185 Mathews, N.C. Verbal
Danny Wilson – Running back 5-11, 180 Bothell, Wash. Verbal
Broc Westlake – Linebacker 6-3, 225 Sierra Junior College (Calif.) LoI signed
Tony Lashley – Linebacker 6-1, 225 Kansas City, Mo. LoI signed
Trent Cowan – Athlete 6-4, 195 Vancouver, Wash. LoI signed
Matt Linehan – Quarterback 6-3, 185 Orchard Lack, Mich. LoI signed
Reuben Mwehla – Defensive back 5-10, 175 Bellevue, Wash. LoI signed
Richard Montgomery – Running back 5-8, 180 Jacksonville, Fla. LoI signed
Kevin Shelton – Tight end, defensive end 6-3, 235 Auburn, Wash. LoI signed
Isaiah Saunders – Running back 5-11, 185 Elk Grove, Calif. LoI signed
Mason Stone – Safety 6-0, 185 Montlake Terrace, Wash. Verbal
Will Schmidt – Linebacker 6-3, 220 Seattle, Wash. LoI signed
Desmond Banks – Cornerback 6-3, 175 Salt Lake City LoI signed
Dezmon Epps – Wide receiver (JC) 5-8, 175 City College of San Francisco LoI signed
Armond Hawkins – Cornerback 5-10, 175 Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. LoI signed
Austin Rehkow – Kicker 6-3, 193 Spokane, Wash. LoI signed
Steven Matlock – Offensive tackle 6-3, 260 Boise Verbal
Jevante Reed, Running back, Linebacker 6-1, 210 Chula Vista, Calif. Verbal
Josh McClain – Quarterback (JC) 6-2, 185 San Jose, Calif. LoI signed
Zach Cable – Defensive line 6-3, 235 Renton, Wash. LoI signed
Jacob Sannon – Wide receiver 5-9, 150 Brandenton, Fla. LoI signed
Jordan Grabski – Safety 6-1,180 Brendenton, Fla. LoI signed
Anthony Rice – Defensive end (JC) 6-3, 260 Hartnell College (Calif.) LoI signed

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Sean Kramer is a 24-year old University of Idaho student majoring in Journalism. He's been a sports writer at The Argonaut since the fall of 2011.

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  1. February 6, 2013
    Is it possible that we will not see anymore signings until June because of this rule: Limitation on Number of National Letter of Intent/Offer of Financial Aid Signings— Bowl Subdivision Football. [FBS] In bowl subdivision football, there shall be an annual limit of 25 on the number of prospective student-athletes who may sign a National Letter of Intent or an institutional offer of financial aid from December 1 through May 31. (Adopted: 1/16/10 effective 8/1/10, Revised: Reply
  2. February 6, 2013
    It would be great if someone could clarify the status of Broc Westlake. According to his twitter and an interview he gave, he is on campus and signed. However, no acknowledgement of this has come from the staff or this site. Reply
  3. February 6, 2013
    that is correct Gary, Mason Stone tweeted that he cannot sign until June because of new rule. Reply

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